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Our locksmith prices

Our locksmith prices are always competitive and affordable.

247 London Locksmith company ethos is that we will not make any unnecessary damage to your existing lock. So there will be no drilling on changing a perfectly working lock unless we absolutely have to.

We believe that our customers should make an informed decision on what they wish to spend on a lock. Therefore, once on site our experienced locksmith will provide you with a range of locks with different security levels. Whilst a standard rim lock for internal door would cost around £20, you can also choose a high security 7 levers British Standard lock for your front door for £200. The price range will depend of security level, brand, colour and size.

Each locksmith is equipped with a range of locks and specialised tools and will advise you on what procedures can be taken to tackle every job safely while still keeping your budget in mind.

Some of our locksmith prices and locksmith services are detailed bellow so you can have a rough idea what to expect.

Office Hours After Midnight
Day Labour Night Labour
Gain entry £55-95 £110-145
Labour £55-95 £95-145
Lock Installation £85 £135
Lock Repair £65 £110
Lock Change £55-85 £135
Broken Key Extraction £50-65 £110
Motorbike Keys £155-325 £189-325
Cut a Bike Lock £50-95 £110
Mobile Key Cutting £55-95 £110
Car Gain Entry £85-135 £110-155
Van Lock Installation £145 £245
Digital Lock Installation 85.00 £135

All Prices includes VAT.

Please note these are prices for labour only! For lock specification please see prices bellow or call 07770 115580 .


Our Standard Pricing Plans

rim locks


Prices starting from £27.30 Including VAT
  • Prices of standard rim lock starting from £27.30.
  • Upgraded British Standard Rim lock prices starts from £45.
  • We offer 12 month parts warranty.
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dead lock


Prices starting from £32.20 Including Vat
  • Standard price of a 3 Levers lock starting from £32.20.
  • High security 5 Levers Lock starting from £46.
  • We offer 12 month warranty on all locks and parts.
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For any questions regarding our locksmith prices and pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Rim Cylinder Locks

  • £27.30 Standard cylinder

    One of the most common locks found on front doors is the 5 pin Standard rim cylinder. We offer this cylinder in satin, brass or nickel finish and with 2 keys. Our mobile locksmith can duplicate each key for about £5 after finishing a job. We install the Rim cylinder with different types of night latch mechanisms which you can brows for prices below.

  • £43.30 British standard

    6 pin British Standard rim cylinder with 3 keys. These locks are high security as they feature: anti drill, anti pick and insurance approved. We can duplicate additional keys on site, these key duplication usually costs around £7.50 on your local key cutting shop. This cylinder can be used with different type of nigh latch mechanisms, but should be used with british standard mechanisms to reach insurance standards.

  • £140.20 Ingersoll Cylinder

    High Security cylinder from Ingersoll brand. We sell Ingersoll in the following finishes: satin, chrome and brass finishes and includes 3 keys with each cylinder. You can duplicate extra keys for £12.50 for each key.

Night Latch Mechanism Locks

  • £39.47 Yale Traditional night latch

    The most common Basic standard night latch mechanism is by Yale and is usually found in grey colour. We also offer traditional night latch set is also available in Grey, Brass and Silver finishes. Traditional night latch works with all types of Rim cylinders.

  • £49.35 Narrow DMG night latch

    Basic security Narrow DMG night latch mechanism lock. DMG narrow night latch is available in Grey, Brass and Silver. Narrow DMG night latch is used with any type of Rim cylinders to be fitted with external doors.

  • £123.20 British Standard

    British Standard have a kite mark with BS: 3261 and a British Standard logo. High security British standard night latch mechanism. The finishes that are available to high security British Standard locks are: Brass, Satin and Nickel with Rim cylinder and three keys. Most home and content insurance companies require British standard locks to be fitted on all exterior doors.

  • £189.55 Union Night latch set

    Old type Union specialty night latch with double locking feature. We install Union night latch set that feature a thumb turner for easy access whilst indoors. Union night latch is available white with Rim cylinder and three keys.

  • £205.66 Ingersoll High Security

    High security Ingersoll cylinder. Available in Brass, Satin and nickel. The Ingersoll Rim cylinder is considered to be very secure and from a very reputable brand, similarly to Banham.

Euro Cylinder Locks

  • £37.25 Standard cylinder

    Five or six pin standard euro cylinders locks starts from £37.25. The price can slightly vary depends on brand and size of thew cylinder. Available in satin, nickel or brass with three keys. Each extra key with cost around £6.5 to duplicate in a high street key cutting shop.

  • £67.85 British Standard

    Higher level Anti snap, anti pick, anti bump insurance approved euro cylinders. Comes either with or without thumb turner and three keys. Each extra key duplicate is £8.50 and some of our technicians can duplicate on site.

  • £155.95 High security

    The high security British Standard restricted euro cylinders is great for customers who liked to know none can obtain a copy of their key. Restricted high security British Standard cylinders comes with two or three keys and a restricted duplication key card. No one will be able to make copy of your key without the card. Making a copy of this type of high security key duplication usually costs around £17 in your local high street key cutting shop.

Mortice Locks

  • £32.20 3 lever mortice lock

    3 Lever mortice dead lock. This standard mortice lock is used mainly for internal doors. Available in Chrome or Brass with two keys. Each extra key duplicate is £7.50

  • £77.85 Era British Standard

    ERA 5 Lever British Standard mortice dead lock is insurance approved dead lock. Anti pick and anti drill. Available in Chrome, Satin and Brass. Comes with two keys. Each extra key duplicate is £8.50. Some of our technicians can duplicate on site.

  • £119.80 Chubb British Standard

    5 Lever British standard insurance approved mortice lock. Anti pick, anti drill. Available in Chrome, Satin and Brass comes with 2 keys. Each extra duplicate is £8.50. This is most used mortice lock in U.K.

Rekeying of Chubb Locks and other mortice locks

Chubbs, Union and other mortice locks change
When the body of mortice dead lock is still in good condition and there is no need to change the whole lock, but only the internal lever key combination.
Our re-keying service for all Chubb/ Union locks, detainers, sash locks and Wellington locks is a grate way to cut the cost of replacing your lock.
The brands that we mostly rekeying are: Asec, Chubb, Union ,Era, Wellington, Banham. Some of 3 Lever Deadlocks are also possible to rekeying, however we need to cheekck for specific locks. We can duplicate as many keys as you like and build as many keyed alike locks as you wish working with same key on multiple doors . This option is grate if you want all your home locks including internal room to be opened with the same key. Rekeying service is also very popular among our commercial costumers.
Door lock tips for Airbnb ownersDigital Code Locks!

New Specialty Digital Code Lock Quotes

  • £97.30 Standard

    Simple digital code lock with hold back and anti slipping function is widely used in United Kingdom for Offices & Airbnb owners. For frequent use it’s recommended to change the code often and keep it safe!

  • £235.30 Key operated

    We can install digital code lock which can be operated by key in case the keypad stop working. This code lock cannot be operated by app and code has to be changed manually. We got Airbnb customers who use this type of locks on their properties and we come 3-5 times a year to change the code for them.

  • £420.60 Smart

    This lock can be operated with smart phone over Bluetooth only on site. Making it easy to change the code without taking the whole lock apart. You can entrance with Card, Phone, Keys or Key pad only on site.

*As these are specialty locks we first have to order those and it takes 1 working day to be delivered, if we make an order before noon. 
The earliest we could install one of this lock is tomorrow morning.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us back if you have any more questions.

Wellington sashlock

Wellington sashlock is a specialty mortice lock with escape turner from inside. 
This brand new lock we sell for £127.54
Or we can rekey the inside of this lock for different key. Rekeying of Wellington is £67.37
For labour we charge £59 and all prices includes VAT. 

Scandinavian oval cylinder

Scandinavian oval cylinders are available in Chrome, Satin and Brass finishes and sold with three keys. We usually install scandinavian oval cylinder in commercial properties and with aluminium or metal doors like shops or offices. You can purchase this lock in pairs or just a single cylinder. The cost of the lock of standard security level is £77.80 whereas a High security cylinder is about £142.30 depending on size and quantity.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ is simply Frequently Asked Questions

VAT is Value Added Tax. Companies who are VAT registered add 20% to final bill.

Some locksmiths advertise prices starting from £49 *Excluding VAT. Our prices always are clear and have no hidden costs.

When we give you a quote it includes some of the following:
-Income tax
-Cost of outsourcing parts and materials
-Time it takes the technician to travel to your location
-Parking and congestion charge in central London
-Tools and replacement drill bits, grinding discs, wood fillers, ect
-public liability insurance

Although locksmith prices and the final bill may appear to shock some costumers, we always try to keep prices as cheap as we can. We do need to consider the above factors when sending quotes or charging costumers.

some more FAQ’s

Staring prices indicates the lowest price point we can charge for each item. We stock a large range of locks with different security levels, brands, colours and sizes. ‘Standard’ usually stands for the cheapest lock available. British standard locks are 5 levers dead locks or rim locks that are secure to withstand burglaries attempts as they have an auto deadlocking sash. Our locksmith can advise you about the price range that suits your budget and your security requirements.

Dead locks are the locks usually located at the bottom of the door. They are also known as ‘Chubb’, Dead Bolt, Mortice locks or sash locks.
Mortice locks, or dead Locks has a spring mechanism that pushes a bolt making it harder for burglars to gain entry.
You can purchase dead locks with 3 to 7 lever, the more levers a lock has the more secure it is. The more levers a dead lock had the harder it will be to pick, drill or unlock it.
3 Lever dead lock has the lowest security. We recommend to install 3 lever dead lock only on internal doors.
5 levers are the minimum required for a British Standard 3621.
Banham has 7 Lever dead lock making it one of the most secure and expensive locks available on the market.

Standard Rim locks are locks that are attached to the to of the door surface, unlike the dead locks that are installed inside the door frame. Also known as “Yale” locks, Rim locks mistakenly named after Yale who manufactures a verity of locks. Rim locks are considered to have a low security level and are installed on internal doors. Most rim locks installed on external doors are Night Latches.
there are three types of night latches: non-deadlocking, key deadlocking and automatic deadlocking.

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