Locked Out Of Your Car? Emergency Auto Locksmith

Maya Moyal Blog

Are you Locked Out Of Your Car? Emergency Auto Locksmith. We recently had a few phone Calls from people accidentally locked their keys inside their cars. This usually happens because newer cars have automatic electric locking system. Although we are not auto locksmith, we provide Emergency Locksmith Services there are four conditions in which our locksmith can try and retrieve car keys from inside the car, or open the door.

1. Manual Window Crank Handle (handle to roll the window down)
2. Door handle lock button/pin/knob (Locking button/pin on the door handle)
3. Door-lock button/ pin/ knob (Locking button/pin on top of car door near the window)
4. Keys in reachable place (on car seats, in a hand bag, in the boot, on dash board)

Last week we had a mum who called in panic as she locked her car keys while her baby was inside the car. A very stressful and unpleasant situation. Our locksmith was able to arrive swiftly and calm young mum down. He waged the window away from the frame and with specialised tools he was able to grab the car keys from the lady’s handbag on the driver seat. All is well with baby and mum.
On another call-out during a rainy night our locksmith was able to pull out from the boot a set of keys as the front window was left open for a few inches. When contacting us about emergency car unlocking our technician will ask you a few question to clarify if it is possible for him to retrieve your car keys. In most cases if one of the above four conditions apply so our technician will be able to help out.

Locked Out Of Your Car? Emergency Auto Locksmith

Please keep in mind, that we are not auto locksmith, and if you are Locked Out Of Your Car? Emergency Auto Locksmith. We now offer Emergency Car Unlocking. We can only offer help in retrieving car keys or opening handles from inside the car. If you need to make a new set of keys we are unable to do help, and you will need to contact your dealership or an auto locksmith.