5 levers mortice lock restorations

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5 levers mortice lock restorations

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You know you landed on a professional locksmith when you find a locksmith who can build their own locks and preform a 5 levers mortice lock restorations. Like anything in life, you can be average and just do what your expected to, or you can go above and beyond.

Lukas, Our founder is just one of those guys. He always looks to ways of extending his knowledge about locks. He reuse and recycle old locks, open them and see how they operates. Once you know the in and out of the mechanicals of locks, you know how to tackle any job. It is important as old locks sometimes get stuck or misalign. A locksmith with a deep knowledge of locks mechanism can save you a lot of time and especially money. Locksmith who lack basic knowledge of how to pick a lock, or realign a 2-5 levers mortice lock will automatically drill and replace a lock. This usually will increase your total by between £30-£300. Having a trusted an honest locksmith pays off as they might quote you a few extra pounds over the phone, but the final bill will be considerably lower.

BS 5 levers mortice lock
5 levers mortice lock is now a standard lock and is branded as a British Standard BS 3621 (2004). 5 levers mortice lock is required by all home and content insurers since 2004 as it is much harder for burglar to pick or open. Standard rim lock (the common top lock on most doors) which could take about 15 seconds (!!!) to open. Unlike the rim lock, 5 levers mortice lock is very difficult to open without specialised tools or a drill as in have a square bold. Once it is locked it is impossible to slip it as oppose to the rim lock who has a triangle shape bolt that is very easy to open if a door has been just shut closed and not locked.

5 levers mortice lock restorations
For the 5 levers mortice lock restorations Lukas open old locks, purchase 5 levers replacement sets, clean, paint the outer box and fix together a brand new lock that can serve someone lucky for many years. We are able to offer those restored locks in a discounted price for those who wish. Restoring old locks saves many kilos of metal who would otherwise go to waist, and also saves your precious ££££.
Restored locks are not always on offer as they required a lot of TLC, but if you are interested in a 5 levers mortice lock restorations lock please let us know.

Set of 5 levers & keys

Old mortice lock box

Sorting internal bits

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