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Key safe installation
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Thinking of a key safe installation to your home or flat?

Need to have access to authorised people such as healthcare providers, cleaners, trades-mans or couriers while at work? 

Looking to install a key safe box for guests while renting your flat to guests or tourists?

We supply, fit and install key safe boxes on external or internal walls to any London postcode

Key safe can be a real time saver to allow temporary people to gain access to your home, flat or property. Perhaps your have an elderly person at home and expecting NHS staff or health care professional for daily sessions. You could also be expecting deliveries or cleaners to come to your house during work hours or while running errands. Key safe boxes give you and your guest flexibility when checking in or out for rented holiday properties in websites such Airbnb.

When choosing to install a key safe box make sure you follow some safety procedures such as keeping the key safe box off-site, choosing a 5 or 6 pins box, and changing the code regularly. Key safe boxes should be installed securely on a concert or brick wall, to minimise damage or burglary attempts. 

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Top 5 reasons to install key safe box

  1. Allowing guests to enter your property when renting as a holiday flat in websites like Airbnb.
  2. Gain access to medical staff when there is an elderly or disabled person at home.
  3. Access to cleaners, babysitters or other temporary staff.
  4.  Keeping a spare key for yourself if you tend to forget or lose your keys.
  5. Allowing access to couriers and delivery man while away from home. Usually when customers have porches or front entrance extension.

safety features to remember when installing a key safe box

Out of sight from the road, Should be hidden by a postbox, window or a wall.

Choose the 5-6 digit operated key safe box rather than the standard 4 digit.

Change the code regularly to increase the safety of your home. 

There should be sufficient light to operate the key safe box.

Should be installed securely on concrete wall or brick wall.

Consider installing CCTV to monitor who uses the key safe box, and time they are in your property while away. 

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