Lock picking locksmith London

Lock picking locksmith London
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Our expert team of locksmiths can pick almost any lock. We can pick communal doors, safes, suitcases, front door, patio doors, bike locks, motorbike locks, garage locks and much more. We use specialised picking tools and picking guns to complete the job. Picking a lock is not always guaranty, as it depends on the type of lock. However, we like to offer this service to our customers as this is a cost effective, nondisruptive way of opening locks. Another benefit of successful lock picking is that you get to keep your old lock and key combination without the hassle of duplicating keys for family members, tenants or employees.

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picking tools: Lock picking locksmith London services information

There are many different types and sets of picking tools. Each pick has a unique propose and use. A good locksmith has a broad knowledge of the way different lock operates so they can use the right picking tool for each specific lock.

We also have a picking gun that makes the job even faster the manually. Lock picking can take anything between a few seconds if you get it right properly and up to an hour if it is a complicated lock.

Lock picking locksmith London is a real skilled trade and is not as easiest as it sometimes seems in the movies. Make sure to ask if your locksmith company is experienced with lock picking, as some locksmiths prefer to drill a perfectly good lock to maximise their profits.

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Types of Lock picking locksmith London:

Here are some of the lock we had picked in the past:
Communal doors lock picking in London.
Front Door Lock picking in London.
Motorbike Lock picking in London.
Safes Lock picking in London.
Patio doors Lock picking in London.
Garden doors Lock picking in London.
Wooden doors Lock picking in London.
Aluminuim Door Lock picking in London.
Bike Lock picking in London.
Filling Cabinet Lock picking in London.
Suitcase Lock picking in London.

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