Safe Service

safe service

Our master locksmith specialised in the following types of safes:

Home safes- can be placed on wall or floor. Theses safe protect valuable, cash, jewelries and documents. Home safes locks can be operated with a key, or combination code.
Fire resistant safe- although no safe can protect from fire 100%, the range of fire resistance safes is designed to withstand higher temperature, and built from durable materials
Data media safes- to protect data in digital media from high temperature in the case of fire. It protects items such as USB sticks, hard drive, DVD, microchips, zip disks.
Office safe- bolted to floor or wall like a home safe, but is more durable, heavy and also fire resistance. In addition it has anti drop mechanism incase burglars trying to repeatedly smash it.
Deposit or drop safe- have different compartments to insert money, and documents overnight. Popular choice for pubs, restaurants and petrol stations. Allow employees to insert cash or important documents without having access to opening the safe.
Gun safe- protects your weapon from other house dwellers, and burglars. Especially recommended when children are present.
High security safes- these safes usually used on commercial premsis. They use multiple anti brake mechanisms to prevent drilling. These safes are big, heavy, super safe and expensive in comparison to all the above.

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We offer 12 month warranty on all labour and parts with our safe service.

Safe services


At 247 London Locksmith we can fix, install or open your safe. Our Safe Service includes a dedicated and professional locksmiths team who can help you identify and resolve any of your security needs. Whether you’ve just been burgled, or required an emergency locksmith and decided to install a safe to protect your valuable possessions, or simply forgot your code. A trained and professional locksmith can be with you in no time to assess your needs. Our safes can be installed in commercial or domestic premises, in your home, flat, loft or basement.

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our services:

• Installation– call our office 07770118850 for a quote on a safe to suit your individual needs. We specialize with a many different safe types and brands to choose from.

• Unlocking – if you have forgotten the combination code or your key. Our technician equipped with specialized tools to open any kind of safe

• Repairs– our skillful technician team can repair, refurbish, or replace faulty locking mechanisms.

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