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Our Bi Folding Door Locksmith specialise with handles, Lock cylinders and lock mechanism gearboxes for many different types of Bi folding doors around London and surrounding areas. If you face Bi folding door lock problems such as doors cannot be locked or open you can give us a call 24/7 any time any day! We will send one of our experienced technicians to examine your door and advise you on what needs to be done. We can either fix the problem or change some of the parts if they are faulty.

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Why Bi folding door mechanism gets broken

The main Reason for broken mechanism in Bi Folding doors is place where handle spindle goes to operate the rod bolts to lock the Bi folding door. If the doors are currently in lock position its much harder to change the gearbox.
Most of the times we have to drill through the door to open the mechanism and then to release the rods so the door can be open. This usually happens when the doors are not fully shut and people try to release the rod bolts, but they cant so they try to force it harder and eventually the internal parts get crumbled and broken.
When the doors are open and we can have good access to the mechanism its fairly easy to change the mechanism, but if there are balcony above and not enough room or the manufacturer made restrictions then we have to take the door down in order to change the gearbox mechanism. In such occasions we need at least two technicians to be on site.

Choosing a Bi Folding Door locksmith

Choosing a reliable locksmith for Bi Folding Door around London can save you time, headache and especially money.

When choosing a good locksmith in London make sure to look for:

-Positive online reviews on a few sites like trust pilot and Google.
-Locksmith company is responding to your calls and messages. This shows you you will have someone to talk to if you will need to claim your parts warranty and for future help.
-Make sure to keep your locksmith detail and to have a valid receipt or invoice. Ask your technician for his name so you can call the office to ask for him again or if there are any issues you wish to report.


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