Locked Out Of House


found yourself locked out of house?

Locked out of house in London?
Lost your keys and need a locksmith ASAP?

You might ask yourself "What shell i do if i get locked out of house?"
Hopefully this is a question you don't ask yourself too often.

We provide 24 hr service around London if you are locked out of house or flat.

Firstly think if you gave extra set of keys for any neighbors or work colleague. Then have a look if you accidentally forgot any window unlock that might be an easy access (if you did remember to secure it as burglars may also find this appealing). If you still cant find your way in that the time to call a professional locksmith.

We will send one of our trusted locksmith to assist you with gaining entry back to your home. Gaining entry may take just a few minutes. However if you have a high security lock or if the door has a our locksmith might have to drill and replace to a new lock.

We gerenty to try and make as littel as posible damage to the door or lock. The last thing we want os to waist your time and money. Therefore we will try other solution possible like picking or using specialised tools.
Call us now to book an emergency locksmith to get you back in your house.

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gaining entry

We charge a flat rate of about £59 prices may vary in night time, weekends or bank holidays.
Our locksmiths can try gaining entry in one of the following options:
Sliping- is only possible sometimes on standard locks if door was shut and not locked.
Picking- through a 6 mm hole to the door, use picking tool, cover with wood filer
Drill- at times it may be necessary to drill. If the above attempts to open the door was unsuccessful we would have to try and drill. High security locks, Mortice locks and lock who are locked and not shut. As they are high security locks it is not possible to pick or slip those locks.

We always try to make the least amount of damage to your door, lock or key as possible.

Our locksmith are highly trained and experienced with gaining entry through external and internal doors.
If you are locked out of a communal door our locksmith will assist you gaining entry. Try asking other tenants to allow you access first through the communal doors.
If you need to gain entry through garden door, patio door or balcony door and have access though neighbours or street let us know.

top Resons for getting locked out of house:


    Fogot your keys at work, on a bus or at on a holiday abroad.


    Our costomers are often locked out of house as they lost their keys.


    Just a moment of distraction whentaking the bin out, and the door is shut behind.


    Your key may be broken or snapped inside the lock.

Choosing a locksmith

Before calling a locksmith, or any tradesman, it is always advisable to check they are reliable and professional.
The best option is always to follow a personal recommendation.A friend's referral or good feedback from someone you trust. When getting a first hand referral you will know you are dealing with a trusted professional and one that will hopefully not rip you off.

You can also choose a locksmith from google or an online directory but make sure to read customers reviews and ratings. Our reviews are available in Google and on on Trustpilot
Another local option is to ask local key cutting shops or dry cleaning shops as they may have a locksmith service.

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