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Wherever you may be in the capital if you lost your motorbike key or bicycle lock for motorcycle chain or padlock our emergency bike locksmith team is just a phone call away!

Call us on 07770 115580 and motorbike locksmith technician will quickly come to the rescue, and can make all motorbike keys, unlock, pick, drill, cut or grind your lock. Our bike locksmith will asses the situation and will give you the best possible solution to fit your budget and time. No job is too small or too big for us!

The most common locks for bicycles and motorbike are D-Lock and U-Lock. There is also the cheaper version of the standard bike lock made of chain and wire. If you lost your bike lock, or if you need key extraction, do not hesitate and call the pros. Therefore we are available any time on 07770 115580 any time. Our bike lock removal service operates 365 days a year, day and night.

And a bit about padlock...

Is your padlock faulty and stopped working? Your key is missing or stuck in the lock? Then call our pro motorcycle locksmith. All our skilled technicians can open or cut your padlock so you can gain immediate access. Our quick padlock removal service will allow you to access your doorway including to lofts swiftly, service cupboards, shed door, shopfront or bicycle equally fast. In addition this we can also supply replacement padlocks such as standard padlocks as well as heavy-duty padlock and weather resistance padlocks suitable for outdoors. 

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    Motorcycle Locksmith for coded keys and keyless motorbike fobs we cover them all.

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    We can cut to open any bicycle or motorbike chains and padlocks.

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    Purchase a new padlock on site from our bike locksmith.

Cable Locks-  Made of thin wire cable and plastic coating. Can be cut easily and quickly with cutters or saw. Cable locks are cheap to buy and have a Low-security grading. Therefore, if your bicycle is dear to you, then think of upgrading to a more secure lock, for example, a D lock or Chain lock.

Chain Locks-  Are harden steel chain-linked shaped. To cut thought harden steel chain, burglars will need additional time as well as power tools. Locks on thick steel chain locks are of higher security as well as weather durability.


D Lock– Made of thick hardened steel shackle, with a lock. There are many thicknesses and brands manufacturers of D locks. The strength of the shackled will be more secured as thicker the shackle is. D locks such as kryptonite, that has 18mm shackle, are considered to be the most secure in the market. Whereas thinner d locks, of a 13mm thick shackle, is much more likely to be cut off with a metal saw or bolt cutter by burglars. Our locksmith has specialised power tools for handling heavy-duty locks if you have lost your keys and wish to remove your bike lock.

Bike locksmith London

Our bike locksmith operates at any time of the day around London! We cut, or drill bike, scooters, motorbike and bicycles lock—for example, D-Locks, chains locks, cable locks as well as padlocks. Moreover, bike owners who got stuck without keys in major train stations and underground stations around London can call us to ensure prompt service. However, if you require additional time to look for your lost keys, you can also call us and book an appointment in a few days. Consequently, you will have extra time to look for your keys. However, it is worthwhile noting that burglars often remove bike parts like saddle, whiles and brakes from bicycles overnight.

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