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Need to secure your shop's roller shutters?

Looking for a roller shutters locksmith London service ASAP?

We provide 24 hr service of roller shutters, security shutters and shutters locks for commercial premises around London. Call us today to book a locksmith who will be on site within 30 minutes. We stock a large selection of security locks, shutters bullet locks and locking bars for roller shutters doors.

Roller shutters doors are mainly install on high street shops to protect from vandalism. Roller shutters are also installed on garage doors.
Electric security shutters, metal roller shutters and steel roller shutter are usually operated by half Euro cylinder or oval cylinder. Locks are available from many different brands and in 3 main security standards: Standard, British standard, and HIgh security standard.

As an experienced London locksmiths, we always recommend to our customers to for the highest standard possible. It might cost you a bit, however, you will have your peace of mind and know that your door or shutter is secure and safe.
Furthermore, all shop shutters should be installed with British standard locks or high-security locks for insurance cover.

We changing bullet lock, push locks, half Euro locks in shop shutters. We can also fix, repair or replace the key switch box.

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roller shutter locking systems

Roller shutters locksmith London locks options:

Standards locks are cheap, but easy to break by drilling or picking.

British standard locks are “anti-pick” and “anti drill”, that does not mean that they can't be picked or drill, it just takes longer time to do so. So when someone tries to drill your lock the noise and time should deter them. Also drilling British standard locks usually damages drill bits quickly.

High-security locks are British standard locks which have key duplicating card and dimple keys. The key duplicate can only be done by the person who owns the key duplicating card. This minimizes the chance that someone can get a key copy of your key without your knowledge.

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roller shutters security mesures

1. Upgrading roller shutters existing lock.
2. Installing locking bars to secure shutter doors.
3. Installing shutter bullet locks
4. Fitting Padlockable key switch box to protect your electric key switch from vandalism.
5. Changing lock on your key swich.

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