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We install door closers on both communal, residential and commercial properties in and around London.
Door closers are usually fitted on wooden doors, but can also be fitted on aluminium doors, glass doors and fire doors. call us on 07770115580 for a competitive quote and a quick response.

Door closers have two main benefits:
Increasing security by making sure communal doors are shut properly. This prevent intruders, potential burglars and unwanted visitors in communal building.
Improving fire safety by preventing Fire to spread between rooms, flats or communal spaces.

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Main usages of door closers installation locksmith in London

Here are some of the main usages of door closers installation locksmith in London:

Door closers fitted on communal doors. Prevent intruders, burglars and restricts access. We find that residents of communal building that have door closers feels more secure as the front point of access to their flat is more protected.

Door closers fitted on internal doors in commercial buildings. To comply with fire regulation all internal doors within commercial buildings must be fitted with door closers as they are used as fire doors. We install door closers in: shops, offices, restaurants, hotels, schools, care homes, hospitals and many more.

Door closers fitted in residential homes. Some of our customers choose to install door closers in residential premises. It is mostly families who wants to increase their children safety from getting in and out of the house as well as to protect their house of spreading fire or smoke in the case of fire.

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door closer fitting experts

We offer installation, fitting and maintenance service for door closers around London.

Installing and fitting job closers is a job that should be preformed by a highly skilled locksmith or builder. It is important to choose the right door closer for the size and weight of the door. Installation and alignment of door closers should be secure and precise. It is also important to regularly check your door closers.

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door closers types

The following are the mostly use door closer that are in used in London for domestic and commercial doors:

overhead door closers

Mechanical door closers or Overhead door closers. Most commonly door closers used in the UK. Usually fitted on wooden or timber doors. Can be adjusted according to the door latch speed or the door check speed. Mechanical door closers needs to be fitted according to the size and weight of the door.


Concealed Perko door closers

Concealed Perko door closers. Installed on internal fire doors. Door closer is fitted and concealed in the stile of the door. Perko door closers are concealed and operated with compression springs.


floor door closers

Floor spring door closer. Fitted on the bottom of glass doors. Mainly fitted in front shops glass doors and glass balcony doors.


Transom door closer

Transom door closers. Fitted usually on commerical doors and  aluminuim doors. Can be installed as an overhead door closer in the door frame or canceled inside the door frame.

The closer is concealed in the top part of the door in a hidden pocket. the closer arm is fitted discreetly in the doorframe. For a sleek and sophisticated look.


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