Van lock installation

Van lock Installation
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Van lock Installation

Looking for a locksmith to arrive to secure your van in Any London location?

We offer van lock Installation service to secure your van.

Vans in London are targeted on a daily basis, and especially are venerable during the night. If you keep any tools or valuable in your van during night time you should consider increasing your van security with a few simple measures. Standard manufacturer security for van can be misleading.
Burglars have many different techniques to break into your van while you sleep. Some of the methods burglars sabotage cars are targeting the weak points of your van security. Drilling under your rear lock to gain entry, distraction attacks by bending side doors, smashing handle locks, or cutting through loom in the back doors. Some burgers operate during day time by sneaking into delivery vans while the van doors are open when the couriers delivering goods.

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Van lock Installation solutions and upgrades

We offer the following Van lock Installation solutions and upgrades:
Rear lock installation.
Armer plate installation to protect handles
Deadlock installation on the side door and rear door.
Slam lock on side doors and rear doors for securing your van doors, goods and tools during the day.
External plates to project drilling into locks.

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Top 5 security upgrades for vans

1. Rear door dead lock installation
2. Side doors slam lock installation
3. Alarm installation
4. Arm plate installation on handles
5. Loom guard for back barn doors

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2019 van dead lock hook instalation prices:

For the first door we charge £225, and doors after goes for £200. Price includes labour and parts. We do not charge additional VAT. Please call to confirm prices. Please call to confirm this price based on your van mode, location and time of booking.

It is a mobile van lock installation service and we cover most London and grater London.

* may vary according to location and time.

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