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Our motorcycle locksmith London make all types of motorbike keys. From classic and vintage motorcycles to scooters as well as all kinds of modern motorbikes. Modern bikes key cutting includes immobiliser, magnetic keys, keyless and most commonly standard bike keys.

Specialised 24/7 motorbike locksmith will travel all over London and re-create your lost motorbike keys on site while you are waiting. Stranded key cutting takes about 30-90 minutes, and therefore it depends on your bike model and lock condition.

Motorbikes with immobiliser system take a long time as we have to reprogram your chip as well. Most immobiliser systems can be done on-site and may take up to 6 hours. However, some of the bikes which take longer than 6 hours to program will need to program in our workshop. You will need to recover your motorbike to us, and we will get it done as soon as we can, might take up to a few days.

Another option we offer it to send your part to us by mail to cut off the cost, or time if you are outside of London. If your parts (lockset, ignition barrel, CDI unit etc.)are off the bike or you have recovery option you are always welcome to bring it to our location for motorcycle key programming solution.

Motorcycle locksmith makes bike keys, and keyless fobs to all motorcycle make and models on the market until recent years. If you require our professional motorcycle locksmith service, you can call or text us anytime on 07770115580. You can send us your motorbike details to our email [email protected] or text SMS to our phone number.


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Motorbike lost key cutting services

Did you lost your motorbike keys?
We offer 24/7 Motorcycle key duplication in London.
Our key cutting and programming service also includes Coded immobilised keys,  standard & classic motorcycle and scooter keys as well as keyless fobs.

Call us to get a fast friendly and affordable service on 07770 11 55 80.

We can cut keys and programme most motorcycles in London:

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