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Top reasons why people need bike lock removal service

If you are looking to book a locksmith to remove your bicycle lock whether it's an Abus padlock with chain or kryptonite D lock then look no further. We have long-time experiences on how to remove hardened steel bike locks safely and fast. We offer 24-hour bike lock removal service for D Lock, U lock, padlock, chain and disc lock. Our starting prices are just £50 with no additional vat and no hidden costs. Price may increase at evening, weekends and will depend on availability and location. We cover all London and surrounding areas and can be with you anytime!

What are the main reasons why bike locks getting faulty and people need bike lock removal services

Usually, people find themselves in such a situation when their keys no longer turn or entirely turns, but doesn't operate the lock mechanism and therefore they cannot open it. This is a manufacturer's lock failure. This case usually happens to customers for newly purchased bicycle locks who were still having a receipt to ask for their money back. However, the same scenario can occur on old locks after a while, especially in London where are rainier then sunny days! But people still cycle, pedal or travel on their mopeds and scooters regardless of the weather.

Thieves in action!

Another cause for bicycle lock removal is vandalism and stealing attempt. We had customers who witnessed thieves trying to break their D lock with a metal stick, and so their lock was twisted and unable to unlock. So our bike locksmith service saved them a lot of time and hassle as we had a few customers who also told us "You are lifesavers" as even builders tried to help but couldn't succeed.

Broken or lost bike keys

Last reason why you may need bike lock removal service is when you lose your keys and cannot get other copies, or your key is broken in half, and one part is in the lock. Broken key extraction is possible, and if we have the correct blank for your bike lock, we can cut the key and open on the lock spot instead of cutting to break the lock.

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    bicycle lock removal services:

    We offer the following bike lock removal services in London:

    Cut off your bike lock from your bicycle.
    Remove locks from bicycles and railing.
    Replace your old lock with a new one.
    Sell chains, padlocks, u locks, d locks and disc locks if you want to secure your bicycle instantly.

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    Choosing a reliable bike locksmith:

    Choosing a reliable bike locksmith can save you time, headache and especially money with such high competition.

    When choosing a good locksmith in London, make sure to ask:

    • What is the exact price?
    • Is there is a call out fee?
    • Is an additional VAT charge?
    • Are there any extra charges like CC or ULEZ?

    Make sure also to check the company who provide the service so that you won't have hidden costs and time wastage.

    Check your locksmith provider:

    • Positive online reviews on a few websites like Google and trust pilot.
    • The responsiveness from your locksmith company. Do they answer phone calls? Reply to text messages and emails? That shows if someone will talk to if you need to claim your parts warranty and future help.
    • Make sure to keep your locksmith detail and to have a valid receipt or invoice. Ask your technician for his name so you can call the office to ask for him again or if there are any issues you wish to report.

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