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Recycling of Broken & used Locks

recycling of old and broken locks

recycling of old and broken locks

Our locksmith team noticed that there is a huge wastage in the industry. The average weight of a lock is 330g and a mortice sash locks and detainers are 1.08Kg. That all add up quite quickly. This year we started collecting old unwanted locks from customers and instead of binning them we take the time to check them out individually. We open each lock and separate its many components to brass, nickel, satin, stainless steel, aluminium, copper. By Lock Recycling, disabling the locks also help our locksmith gain further understanding on how locks are working, and practice picking techniques.


We can sometimes re-key mortice locks for new set of levers at costumer’s doorstep. This can save time, money and hassle for both parties.


With all the unusable metal, we sort components to the different metals, and take it to our local scrap yard. Then they get recycled, melted and may even get back to us one day in the shape of a new lock, tool or a car. We are proud of our Lock Recycling and hope more locksmiths in the industry will follow!