Digital Locks

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Digital Locks

Digital Locks, also known as Digilocks, Codelocks, Combination Locks or Push Button Locks, are code operated locks that are installed on doors or cabinets to restrict access to authorised people. Digital Locks can be electronic or mechanic, operated by push buttons. Codes are preset and can be changed by the owner to any password between 4-10 digits long.


Digital locks are used mostly by our Commercial Clients, in Shops, Offices, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants or any other space that requires Access Control. Digital Locks is cost effective selection as they do not require duplicating additional keys or cards.


There is a large selection of Keyless locks and prices including installation starts at as cheap as £70. There are four levels: Light,Standard, Medium and heavy duty use. When choosing to purchase a digital lock make sure to discusses what would be the most suitable use so that you can invest in a durable lock that will withstand a high turnover according to the volume of uses you may need.


Installing a digital lock may take between 30-90 minutes. Out Locksmiths use specialised tools to give your door a clean and professional finish. Once our technician finish Digital Lock installation they will perform few checks to make sure the lock works properly and that you are happy with the quality of the lock, and you know how to operate the lock and change the password.