Letterbox Burglaries- The ultimate Keys Thefts

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Letterbox Burglaries-

The Ultimate Keys Thefts

Letterbox Burglaries- ‘The ultimate Keys Thefts’ are on a rise with increasing call-outs around London as we have experienced recently. Burglars usually come in the early hours of the morning around 3-5 AM, when house resident are hopefully sleeping. Burglars peek threw the letterbox and look for visible house keys or car keys on table, hangers, hook rack or shelf. Then they use a telescopic magnetic tool, which can be easily and cheaply purchased in DIY shop or online. With this tool they can easily grab any set of keys with in 2-3 meters, or even further then you think,from the letterbox. Burglar can also open the door with a letterbox tool or even a golf stick. So make sure to double lock the door and take the key out of the lock.

This week we had two call outs where Brand-new Audi car keys from table near the door. The other had a CCTV that recorded 4 burglaries dressed in all black house and face masks. They were able to take 2 sets of car keys and drove off within 3 minutes with both cars. The above examples shows how Letterbox Burglaries- The ultimate Keys Thefts are so quick and easy for burglars to preform. In both cases our Emergency Locksmith was called to replace all house locks immediately after they found out. They asked to upgrade to a higher security British Standard BS3216 Mul-T-lock that feature: anti snapping, anti picking and anti drilling cylinder. An investment worthwhile for the house owners as it gives them peace of mind and a good night sleep.

Top Tips:

Avoid leaving un-attendant keys anywhere near the door.
Leave corridors lights on.
Install CCTV and Intruder Alarm
Both are proven to be very affective at deterring burglars away
Install letter box restricted.
Install letter box cage
Cover the letterbox and
install external post-box.
Double lock the door and deadlock during night.
Avoid posting any details on line, or on social media when going on a holiday.

Try to make sure to apply as many of the above tips to minimise
Letterbox Burglaries- The Ultimate Keys Thefts to avoid any
unnecessary distress.