Handle Lock Installation.

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Handle lock installation, or replacement is a quick and cost-effective way to secure your room or storage space. Especially if you are in rental accommodation and need permission from the landlord to alter internal doors.
Changing a traditional handle to a lockable handle is a perfect solution for rentals. Landlords often do not want tenants to ‘damage’ the door by adding a conventional lock. This type of handle lock could replace your current handle. It is also much cheaper as it requires less than half of the labour time. When the time comes to leave your flat, you can leave the handle as it is. Please ask for your landlord’s approval. If not, you can swap back to the original handle.

This week, we helped out one of our returning customers with replacing traditional handles to secure a bedroom and storage room.

There are a few different styles to match your existing decor. We chose the handles almost identical to the handles we had initially installed. This fits well with the rest of the hardware on multiple doors in the home.
Recently, we recommend this Handle lock installation service for customers who live in rental properties. Although not as secure as a traditional mortice bolt, this is an excellent cost-effective solution to securing your room in a flat-share. The major selling point is that it is cheaper and quicker than installing an additional lock.
This service is for internal doors only, as external doors should be fitted with British Standard locks for your security and meet your home insurance requirements.

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