Lockley smart locks installation on studio doors

Lockly 2 Smart locks Installation on Studio Doors.

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Lockly smart lock installation on custom-made studio doors. We have had a few requests lately for smart lock installations, And are happy to see that there has been some improvement. Smart lock installation has evolved in the last couple of years, offering a wider variety of more durable smart locks with easier functions to use. This week we installed 2 Lockly smart locks with biometric fingerprint access. We recommend this product as it is sturdy and has an advanced and secure system. Previously, We had another client who had purchased a cheaper smart lock with fingerprint access. They later found out they could unlock it by using their elbow.

 Beware which security system you choose to install when selecting and installing a smart lock system.

Although the installation took us the better part of the day to install, really happy with the result. Lockly smart lock requires 4AA batteries and does not require wiring or an electrician. Installation DO NOT TAKE 30 MIN as stated on the manual, possibly changing an existing lock. 

In this lockly smart lock installation, we had to take our time for a few different reasons. Firstly it was such a fab door, and we wanted to make sure the job was clean and precise. Secondly, it was not standard wooden doors; they were custom made on three 18mm plywood—the doors were much more challenging to work with as plywood often chip.

That’s our Lockley smart locks installation experience. If you want to know about a few other smart lock options and which one could suit your door or needs, drop us a line. 

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