UPVC Handle and Mechanism Replacement

Maya Moyal Blog

Before and after UPVC handle and mechanism replacement

Updated this broken down UPVC door handle and mechanism in west London this week.

Mechanism and lock were starting to wear off, and the customer has taken off their broken handle and wanted to update the locking system and their hardware.

We changed the mechanism and gearbox and installed a new handle and lock. Now the customer can safely open and close their door as they wish, and feel secure while looking a whole lot better.

We can come over and update or repair any UPVC issues you may have:
UPVC door alignment and adjusting the hinges.
Mechanism replacements- usually require two visits.
Handle repair or replacement.
Upgrades your lock from standard to British Standard cylinder lock.
Installing security bolts to the interior of the UPVC door frame.

Call, Whatsapp or text us anytime on 07770115580 for your UPVC handle and mechanism replacement. Let us know if you have any issues with your UPVC door or lock and we will be happy to sort it out for you.