How to replace a garden door lock when your keys are lost or stolen.

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How to replace a garden door lock when your keys are lost or stolen.

Our client contacted us after his keys were stolen from his car; he had one set of keys to the garden door and garden door was locked. He, therefore, called us and needed to change locks ASAP.

We quoted him to drill the lock and replace it with a British standard lock. He also had two additional bolts, but we told him that we would give him a star key for free. We said that the star key will probably work on unlocking those two bolts, as they are usually working with a universal star key.

When we got to his door, luckily the universal star key opened both bolt locks. We didn’t need to drill and replace security bolts, which saved customer lots of money and hassle. The middle lock was a three lever deadlock which had to be drilled, and we replaced it to a five levers British standard lock. It is much more secure and is coved under the house and contact insurance company. Locksmith removed handles, drilled lock off without damaging the door. He then replaced the lock and put back cover plates and handles. Door, handle and lock looks just the same from the outside, but much more secure from the inside.

All in all, now our customer is more secure, and we left him with a smile.
Total job was £160, with two free star keys, and upgrade to his locking system.

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