Cutting off part of a Yale tail bar if it is too long

Maya Moyal Blog

One of our returning customers had gust over, and they reported they couldn’t open the door from inside. Our locksmith spotted the problem that the tail bar was too long and blocked the night latch from running smoothly.

The tail bar is the long piece of metal connecting both parts of the lock and mechanism. It operates between the Yale lock on the expiration and operating the latch on the interior mechanism.
Instead of changing the mechanism and cylinder, he was honest to detect the problem and just cut it off slightly.

That’s one of the reasons we have so many returning customers. They know they won’t be charged ridiculous amounts when their lock works perfectly fine.

You can try cutting off part of a Yale tail bar if it is too long, but you need to take off your lock for that. Alternatively, call us, and one of our trusted locksmiths will come over. He will inspect your lock and cut it off as much as necessary.

The tail bar needs to be in just the right size. If it is too short, it won’t reach the turning mechanism. You will then need to replace your lock to a new cylinder or try and attach a new tail bar, which we do not recommend. If your tail bar is too long, just like happened to our customer above, the latch may obstruct the turner, and stop it from turning smoothly.

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