Motorbike Theft Alert

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Motorbike Theft Alert

We have seen a rise in calls asking for motorbike keys as a result of theft. Lately, we heard from a few of our customers, that after their keys was stolen from their motorbike a stranger approached them and offered to recover their bike back to their home.

We have a reasonable doubt to believe that who ever offer the free ride home, was possibly the person who stole the key, and now want to find out the owner address so that they could burglar their home while using their keys.
This is very alarming, but hopefully no one will fall for this trick, as we find it very unlikely that anyone will take up the offer of the free ride home.
Please be aware, keep your keys safely, and if anyone does approach you, report it for your local police station.

How we can help when your bike keys are lost or stolen
If you got your keys lost of stolen you call alway give us a call and we can either replace your home or bike keys, and create you a new copy of the keys. We have a mobile bike locksmith service, so we can offer all 3 solution for stolen motorcycle keys:
1. Remove bike lock or disc lock.
2. Replace top box keys.
3. Create you new keys for your bike ignition, steering and patrol cap.

4. If needed we can also reprogram your immobiliser and create new chips for your bike keys.

Pass on motorbike theft alert
If you believe the person who stole your bike keys know the location and the registration number of your bike, you might consider changing all ignition lock, fuel cap lock and seat barrels for a new locks with new combination. Please note that we do not stock lock sets for all brands and models, so we might need to order it before hand. However we do have locks for most common brands and models.

Feel free to call us to ask for advise and share your experience of bike keys theft across London. This will help us to pass on the motorbike theft alert to our customers in London.

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