Mailbox vandalism

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Mailbox Vandalism

Mailbox vandalism has been on the rise across London. We have recently been getting an increasing number of calls from customers who complain that their mailbox had been damaged due to vandalism. Mailbox vandalism is usually done when someone tries to break into communal mailbox hoping to steal valuable items or keys that are left in the mailbox.

However, we find that most Mailbox vandalism has sadly been happening for no apparent reason besides sabotaging and causing damage to flat owners. 

We recommend that you file a complaint with your local police before any other measures are done.

We also advise to inspect the mailbox area, and if it is an acting problem perhaps make some changes to secure the mailboxes from future damage. 

We suggest to implement the following security measures:

  1. If mailboxes are installed on the property then securing the front door should be a priority. make sure that you have a secure lock on your communal door. This lock should have a thumb turner to allow quick exit during a fire. If you have access control system that the Cisa electric lock is what we recommend. 
  2. Inspect your door closer. There are a lot of communal buildings in London when the front door is left open through all hours of the day. The door closer sometimes needs adjustment to make sure it closes properly. if it is not closed properly intruder can gain excess as the door is shut, but not locked. 
  3. Install security lights so that there is clear visibility throughout the night. You can also consider installing CCTV to monitor who is around through the late hours of the day. 

If mailboxes are installed outside on the front of a communal door, or on an exterior wall, make sure you have security light and CCTV to detour burglaries and intruder.

We offer mailbox lock replacement service if the lock has been damaged, or if you have lost your mailbox keys. 

Should you require to change your mailbox please send us a photo and we can discuss if we can help out.

Keep safe.