Registered Locksmith

Maya Moyal Blog

Having a registered locksmith can guarantee you a peace of mind. All locksmith registered with UKLA have been trained, assessed and hold a current DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). DBS been known until recently as Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks. These are checks done by the police and the home office and any locksmith or a trained professional should hold a current DBS check. DBS checks are to find out if a person holds a criminal record in the UK or their home country.
As the locksmiths trade is un-regulated, it is advisable that you should always book a locksmith recommended by:

Friends– there’s nothing like a personal recommendation.

Reviews– Online review platform such as Trustpilot.

Registered– Look up a registered locksmith in a locksmith association directory like UKLA.

Warranty– ask your locksmith for a valid invoice and 12 month warranty on all labour and part.

So next time you are about to book a locksmith keep in mind that it is someone you let into you house. Entrusting you personal security in stranger arms can be daunting. Taking a few simple steps of security measures can increase your chances of hiring a trusted and experienced locksmith. Choosing a registered locksmith will assure you with a hassle free experience.