Insured Locksmith

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This post will be about the importance of hiring a fully insured locksmith with a ‘Public Liability Insurance’. At 247 London Locksmith we make sure all our Locksmiths hold a current and comprehensive public liability insurance. Why is it worth while for you to make sure you only hire a fully insured locksmith?

Insured Locksmith

As locksmiths work in public spaces or other peoples home by law they must be covered by a public liability insurance. This covers them in case of claim from a third party in the case of injury or lost. As locksmiths carry specialised tools and equipment it is advisable to stay well away from them whilst they are trying to perform their job safely. Sometimes our locksmiths have to stop what they are doing and keep inquisitiving customers from touching their tools and interfering with their job. This can be very dangerous as locksmiths wear protective gear like goggles, gloves, kneepads and dust mask. When drilling metal and wood chips often fly to the eyes. This is always a serious problem that always requires having a check up at the optometrist. Public liability insurance cover our locksmiths in cases of fire, damage to property, negligence. Although premium for public liability insurance very they are well worth for any professional tradesman. Hiring an insured locksmith gives you a peace of mind whether you hire a locksmith for EMERGENCY call out, or need a locksmith for COMMERCIAL purpose. Our locksmith work closely with insurance companies in cases of BURGLARY REPAIRS, so feel free to ask them for their expert advise on any security issue you may have. Locksmiths who are not cover by a public liability insurance are risking paying very high amounts from their own pocket in case of a claim when there is any damage to property, fire, accident or loss of person due to a fault and responsibility of their trade. Although accident do happen sometimes having an insured locksmith is a testimonial of them understanding that their trade carries some risk, and that health and safety protocols are being carried at all times.

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