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Need a motorcycle key cutting in London?

Want to get your motorcycle key cutting done ASAP?
Need to duplicate motorbike keys in London?
Bought a motorbike and need a new set of programmed key cut?

We are happy to offer our service to all London bikers. Our experienced locksmiths have all the tools, machinery and blank keys they need to come over to your preferred location and cut you a brand new set of keys. All we need from you is a mobile number and full address of bike location. You will need to be with the locksmith onsite while he is cutting your keys.

We offer motorcycle key duplication, motorcycle key cutting service, motorcycle key programming service.

Motorcycle key duplication

Getting your key cut time will depend on your make, model and lock condition. The shortest key cutting time is for standard key duplication.

If you have an existing key, that you wish to duplicate, call us, and we can come over and duplicate it for you. It will take about 15-30 minutes per key. You can also make your way to us for cheaper price and a quicker turnaround.

We can also duplicate programmed keys. If your motorbike has a chip, we will most likely need your motorcycle with you to copy the chip and key.

Motorcycle key cutting

This service is for anyone who lost their motorcycle key set or needs a new set for their bike. We will make you two new keys identical to the original key, ready to start your bike in about an hour. We will not need to remove any parts from your motorbike when coming over to you.

Alternatively, you dismantle your lockset and send it to us or bring it over with you for onsite key cutting. We stock all major brands such as Vespa, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Aprilia, KTM, Kymco, Ducati, Sym, Motogazi, Piaggio, Lexmoto, Triumph, BMW, Agusta, Suzuki, Harley Davidson and even more.

Please note that if you believe someone took your bike keys, and know your bike location aiming to steal it, we recommend getting your lockset replaced.

Motorcycle key programming

Motorcycle key programming is available for large motorbike, newer motorbike and bikes with bigger engine size with a more advanced security system. Smaller scooters and moped with less than 125 or 300 rarely have an immobiliser system in place. Vespa has in some of its 125 coded keys.

Medium size motorbike and scooter will usually have no security system or magnetic key for secure shutter keyhole. The programmed key has a chip inside that that communicate with your immobiliser system. The engine and electronic system will not start without having the programmed key, or chip close to the ignition lock. Every bike has a unique computerised unit, and the chip in your key will be programmed specially to match that electronic unit sequence.

We can make you programmed keys from scratch to fit your ignition lock and to your ECU/CDI/throttle body. Our techs can also make you programmed chips if you have changed throttle body, ECU or CDI recently, but kept your original key.

We also have customers who need the chip programmed or duplicated as it fell off their key and bike won't start. Whatever bike programming key issue you may have given us a call to 07770115580, and we can help you resolve it ASAP.

Motorcycle keyless fob replacement

Not exactly key cutting, however, if you lost your keyless motorbike keyless fob remote, we can make you a new one. Yes, yes, a brand new fob. Not a sequence of buttons that you need to press but an actual fob.

Contact us as your dealership probably won't offer this service. Dealerships tend to recommend to change the whole computerise unit and lockset, which is well above £800, and unnecessary if you ask us.

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